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Question How many outlets needed?

At what point do you need a second or even third 15 or 20 amp outlet for your gear?

Right now I have all my gear (receiver, subwoofer, TV, HD-DVR, PS3, DVD, CD, Cassette, & VCR) on 1-15 amp circuit & frankly I'm amazed it can handle all of that!
Everything is plugged into a Monster HTS3500 MkII power conditioner & it has never tripped a circuit breaker.
Not everything is on at the same time but as I'm sitting here now the TV, receiver, subwoofer, HD-DVR & PS3 are running & everything else is on standby.

All my current gear will be moved into the home theater once it's built & I was planning on 2 separate 20 amp circuits with 2 power conditioners, but will that be enough if in the future I go with all separates?
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