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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by PRO-630HD View Post
Okay who is deciding about the 5 free disc offer?. Was this between the studios and hardware manufacturers then.
What does it possibly matter?

The Fact is 3 weeks after the fire sale price drops HD-DVD is still getting killed by more than 5-1 in software sales, I don't know what they think a Super Bowl commercial is going to do, but I guess they will find out soon enough.
Hopefully a few more weeks of this & Universal & Paramount will use the escape clause & put an end to all this.
If all this doesn't work for Toshiba all they will have accomplished with the Super Bowl ad & fire sale prices is to sell a player that will have no support in the near future & this will not endear them to the consumers.
Who knows maybe this will spawn a bunch of Toshiba haters that will take over from all the Sony haters out there.

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