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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
They need another Studio to survive not for TL51s to be released. Paramount and Universal both chose some pretty big titles to use for TL51s. I believe the reason for the delay is that they were originally planned for the summer when they were hoping HD DVD would be closer to 2.5M players.

With WB jumping ship player sales have slowed and barely recovered with the new $150 and $199 units.

I think the biggest delay is the titles they planned on releasing in the summer using the technology are still "planned for Summer." The problem with announcing them is Universal and thus Paramount are waiting for Toshiba to "come through," and save HD-DVD.
See, this is where I need to raise the flag... Toshiba can only sell so many players without content to make people realize it's a viable investment. Universal and Paramount both have some HUGE back catalog titles that are absolute MUST have movies (Back to the Future, Indy, etc etc) that would make HD DVD, THE technology to have. Pay that douchebag speilberg off and GET THOSE MOVIES ON DICS! Next up.. STAR TREK STAR TREK STAR TREK. Paramount. PAY ATTENTION. STAR TREK. Friggen Trekkies will buy this stuff hand over fist. Now, granted I'm just a lowly network engineer in podunk Ohio, but I don't see what they have to lose here. If HD DVD dies off, they get to double dip back into blu-ray, dlc, or whatever. Sounds like a win win to me. Spend the moiney on one good encode being forward thinking enough to know that you might have to re-press the movies on to a different disc structure and call it done.

As for player sales slowly recovering, today was the first day all of the big retailers had the price points reflected in thier sales ads so I expect that sales may be a bit better this week. However, here we are again with, NO deals on software. I realize that this late in the game HD DVD is on life support and they're spending all their PR dollars on staying afloat, but my god man, there's got to be some money left over for some incentive out there to buy the movies.
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