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Default Re: Sony KDS-55A3000 HDTV Review

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Yeah the only problem I have is one I have with every Sony: Video Processing.

It's a small gripe when you consider the color accuracy of the unit and good contrast production.

They provide better picture than all the other Sony TVs and just about every other TV on the market minus the Kuros and the new Samsung LED LCD flatpanel. It's a shame that Sony won't continue to make them.
Yes it is a an issue with this set. I purchased mine last fall when they first hit the streets and the CNET article found an issue with 1080i not being handled properly on the cinema and custom settings. Well, those are the best setting to use so I called Sony. After two attempts I just got in the mail a flash drive to update the firmware to fix the issue.

I had the set calibrated and the tech set it was pretty spot on for color and he didn't have to adjust much. However my black's had a bluish push to it and he corrected it. Other then that he did very little to get the colors spot on.

I'll hold on to it until the prices of the LED LCD's drop and that will be my next set.
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