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Default Re: Is Harmony's new 1000 remote a good alternative to AMX and Crestron?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
The problem I have is not that the Crestron hardware is too expensive, it's the programming.

The programming costs being as much or more, for me, have made it hard to justify.
After paying for both hardware and software, my last quote was around $8k for a Crestron setup, which was 20% less from the one I got previously, but still high. The quotes were only covering the costs of one room's theater. If I was too pay $8k - $10k+, I would want to control everything in the house. And also, as Jerry said, every time I change out components another charge occurs if I want to be able to control the new component. It just seems there has got to be better way to do this.

That is your solution. For that price you should have your whole house automated and that is likely what it would cost. Including a nice tablet touch screen for the HT.

Make sure the wiring in your HT for dimming doesn't interfere with the quality of your setup.
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