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Default Re: Is Harmony's new 1000 remote a good alternative to AMX and Crestron?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Ken, the problems you having with the Harmony is exactly why I gave up on small less costly universal remotes years ago. I can not count how many hours I have spent programming, then pulling out batteries, watching them freeze up, making many calls to the manufacturer, getting new ones sent to me under the "warranty", then magically the old broken one starts to work for a while, etc. . . I was laughing when reading your post only because I have been there so many times.

About 5 or 6 years ago Yamaha was giving away a RAV (essentially a pronto) with the purchase of new receivers. This is the only universal remote I still use, but only for controlling lights and volume. I think the user interface is poor, it takes too long to go between devices with all the multiple menus and pages. Now, I just leave it on the lights page and use the soft keys strictly for lights and the hard volume keys for volume control on the Halcro.
I understand fully, I started with universal remotes with the original Pronto, and after hundreds of hours of programming got it to work my at the time simple system fairly well. I too need more hard buttons, and in fact use the Harmony 890 for my reference rig and couldn't be happier. This remote has been completely stable (now that I typed this it might screw up) for over two years, allows RF control w/IR relay to my devices and has plenty of hard buttons and is designed well.

While the 1000 has a niche, the 890 is the true pearl of the lineup and the one I recommend to those who ask me. IF for some reason people don't need/want RF then I recommend the 880.
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