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Wink Re: Break region code on Toshiba HD A2?

Originally Posted by overpaidtech View Post

It is obvious to me why you would change your region code and if you find the code for the a2 please share I need it too but have had no luck..

For anyone who does not understand why you would want to unlock your DVD player welcome to class time.. There are places you can buy DVD movies for less than $5 you just have to know where and you would probably need a reason to travel that far.. Yes HD is not coded yet.. But old DVD is.. All DVD players are built pretty much the same.. You can buy a DVD player in many countries for like $20 and it is the same one that would cost $500 in the states or central Europe.. That is why they made regions so that people would not go to China and buy 1000 DVD player and then sell them for half price in the states.. But the region is only software most DVD players already have software for all regions and there is a code that you type in that will allow you to change the region, or make it multi-regional.. And then you can go on vacation to Eastern Europe and buy all the DVD's you want for dirt cheap due to exchange rate since DVD's cost 15 of the local currency which in many cases is $4..
Yes. Please post the code. I have an A2 also. It was only $100, so it would be fun to play with it's region coding. One of the reasons I originally got my Kenwood DV-5900M Changer is that it is an all region, universal player.
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