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Default HD discs vs DVDs

I gotta chime in here.

There is a place in the world for a Classe' player or a Meridian like I use as they are RELAIABLE and sound great. They do a KILLER job with DVD especially upscaling.

With that said - you can't beat the bits on the HD disc formats. Way more storage. Way more resolution. My wife will ONLY watch HD DVD and Blu-ray movies in our theater and she is NO videophile. She also has to unplug the POS players from time to time as they get all glitchy and need restarting (shame on you Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba).

If I were a dealer (and I was a LONG time ago at Cello LA) I would sell both something like a Classe' and the HD players and set the up as different sources. You need the audio performance from the Classe transport and you need to know the disc is going to play - another thing the Classe can do. I would view the HD players as "throw away" (God knows I have thrown away enough of them already) that will be upgraded as the big electronics companies learn to make better, more stable players.

But in the end - you need both.
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