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Talking Re: Harvey's Closes Flagship Manhattan Location

Sorry to hear about Harvey's 45th street being closed, but I have my tale.
In 1983, just as the CD was about to be commerically released, I visited Harvey's for the last time. I spoke with a gent I thought was the manager, about the forthcoming innovation hitting the market.

He seriously told me he did not think anything much would come of it -- too expensive, both players and media. Vinyl and cassette would continue to reign.

I guess in the past his grand-father scoffed the disc, thinking the Edison wax cylinder was the thing. And his father, the microgroove vinyl LP, as shellac 78's were the thing. And his uncle, the minicassette, because reel-to-reel was too good and high in fidelity.

And that fellow's son probably was ridiculing the iTunes revolution the other year, because SACD was pure and good.

I think this is probably typical in the industry as a whole, perhaps because of inventory considerations, perhaps because many can't think to far forward -- hey, they are salesman and sales managers, not visionaries!

Good luck to Harvey's; to Myer-Emco in my area, which Harvey's almost bought, and many others.
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