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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Why is it doing better? Answer the format war.

All I have seen now is no more BOGO, no more 5 free titles with a new bluray player, Only 1 1.1 compliant SAP on the market, no 2.0 players till fall, a $100 increase in SAP and the 80 gb PS3 about to disappear and be replaced with the 120gb model for $100 more. In other words the BDA is in arrogance mode again after the Warner announcement and with streamable hd content right around the corner.

One format is responsible for HDM being ahead of dvd in the same time frame it isn't bluray. In software only, todays bluray content has done a 180 in terms of PQ and extras thanks to stiff competetion from hddvd. Good riddance to MPEG-2 and excellent job Sony with not jipping us out of extras from the dvd. Following Paramounts lead with 2 disc sets and all extras in HD the other studios are taking note, except Fox of course. Bluray players are still a mess.
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