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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
For everyone else:

TL51 was approved by the DVD Forum for use. In that meeting yields, etc. were shown to the DVD Forum that it was a "marketable commodity." Studios had TL51 plans on major titles that were to be announced (without dates) at CES. We all know what happened. Paramount is going forward with one TL51 title that I know of, and Universal has a few in the works for release this summer.

David's agenda here is to try and make it look like TL51 doesn't work. It's the same BS agenda that HD DVD fanatics (like he tries to call me) used for BD50.


45GBs is considered the point with the codecs being used today for optimum picture, sound, and HD extras. So reaching a 50GB point shows that better content can be provided on a regular basis.

So the other side is always afraid of the other side reaching a solid goal like 45GBs. It's stupid behavior and extremely childish to claim it's never going to exist when you know it's in the pipeline.

Bill Hunt claims the only reason he backs BD is the Studio Support. Which was Woolworth's reason as well.

Studios continue to make our purchasing decision for us no matter what the cost to us the consumer. With a Recession on the horizon that's just bad business.
Toshiba has already confirmed the 2nd gen players will play TL-51's with a firmware upgrade. The reason it is a 51gb disc is it was easier to replicate than a TL-45 as the pitch rate is modified. This applies to SL-17's and DL-34's as well when they make it to market.

After having done a lengthy read of average bluray video and total bitrates 24 mbps AVC is about the norm. Spiderman 1,2,3 POTC 1,2,3 most all Sony reference titles are averaging this. So the need for 40 mbps is mute unless you are using MPEG-2 which is what bluray was designed for. For POTC at 32 mbps total. Take away the 6.9 mbps LPCM encode and replace it with 2.4 mbps True HD and it would fit on an hddvd. So the I need 48 mbps argument is null and void. Most bluray titles run about 32 mbps total which is 2 mbps above the max for hddvd. Take out the horribly innefficient LPCM track and replace it with 1.8 mbps True HD and you are in business.

Sources have said the TL-51 would increase the bitrate slightly as apparently all machines are capable of a 1.5x spin rate with a firmware upgrade. We will see when they come out.

On a different note hddvd combos are fairly difficult to produce. The Twin Format Disc can be produced with little modification on a existing dvd-9 line so this is excting indeed. Looking forward to seeing both.
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