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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

He's already been called out for posting his opinions as facts by me and in the end it turned into a semantics showdown that he tried to end by getting the last word in and then saying he's done. It's something my 10 year old niece likes to do.
Huh? I share my opinion. You call it fact. I emphasize that it was opinion. And I'm a 10 year old?

This is a nice site with good people on it. It does get old with the likes of akbungle and David coming on here posting in the HD DVD section just to stir the pot.
My bad. I actually just realized that this was indeed the "HD DVD" area after reading your comments. Hadn't realized that the forum was segregated like that before... the links to these threads show up in the email-news-letter and don't reveal anything in the link about which forum they stem from. I had just clicked the link in the newsletter when I first came to this thread and didn't even know that there would be an issue like that. My bad.

IMO, I believe the likes of the TL51 disc being ready to be true as well. Will it help...I'm not sure. I think studio support is the biggest thing needed.
Ok, so I post opinion, which you suggest I meant as fact, that I emphasize is opinion, and I'm "bad". But you post something that cannot be proved in any way like TL51 ready for replication and we're supposed to trust you? You've already got Universal and Paramount doing HD DVD. If it's commercially viable and ready for prime-time, why can't they do it? Why do you need another "studio" for TL51 to be demonstrated to work?

Actually, the whole TL51 HD DVD thing is very interesting. Looks good on paper. All I want to see is some actual evidence that it can be commercially replicated and play in existing hardware. Is that unreasonable?
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