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Default Stupid War.

This whole "Format War," is going too far.

HD DVD backers want their choice to survive and thrive. BD backers want their choice to survive and thrive. Nobody wants their choice/investment to fail.

This is fully understandable.

What isn't understandable is the apparent need of backers of either side attacking the other side. Belittling the opposition doesn't make your "choice," any better. Both formats use the same codecs and can provide the same high quality video and audio.

Pointing out flaws in a side that irk you is one thing. I fully understand the many people who are tired of the "firmware updates," and stupid long menus. I also understand the complaints of 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0s. I understand the complaints of a lack of better lossless audio support.

The fact is this war is being fought by Studios who have their own petty disagreements with others and refuse to save face and move on. This war was their choosing and not ours.

I ask this of all of you:

If there was universal studio support for both sides would you care so much about the opposing format from your choice? Would you feel sorry for the person who chose the "other," format?

We need to end the war on our side and publicize our dislike for the people who are really fighting this out: Studios. The guy who chose the other format did so for their own reasons and their decision wasn't a bad one. The decision of the Studios on the other hand was bad. We're paying for it and so are they but they're acting too blind to care.
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