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Thumbs down Re: Integra DPS 10.5 - Exteremly heavy but extremely awesome

I purchased a 10.5 a year ago as the centerpiece of my home theater system, and I have had nothing but problems, especially with video, ever since. HD signals have never "locked" consistently (intermittent flashing to black); a local dealer even replaced the HDMI card, but that did not solve the problem. Integra tech support has been far less than helpful in trying to isolate the problem.

On the audio front, things have been better, though there are certain output combinations that simply do not work, and Integra support's only resopnse has been repeatedly to suggest resetting the unit to factory defaults, which has never solved the issue. Now, on the Friday before the Super Bowl, the entire unit has gone unresponsive -- no buttons respond, either on the remote or on the front of the unit. Even though the faceplate is "dark", the unit is permanently on, piping sound through one specific input (presumably, the last one it was on before it crapped out.)

Certainly, most reviews have been positive, so perhaps I just purchased a lemon of an individual unit. Perhaps the local repair shop can even fix these problems. However, these experiences, combined with Integra tech support's lack of, well, support, not to mention the apparent abandonment of card upgrades, and I find it hard to justify this unit, or doing business with them in the future.
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