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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by BDP View Post
Be careful kkozma he's either A.not going to reply back to you or B. Reply back to you to get the last word in and then say he's done talking to you. He's a real treat.

He's already been called out for posting his opinions as facts by me and in the end it turned into a semantics showdown that he tried to end by getting the last word in and then saying he's done. It's something my 10 year old niece likes to do.

This is a nice site with good people on it. It does get old with the likes of akbungle and David coming on here posting in the HD DVD section just to stir the pot.

IMO, I believe the likes of the TL51 disc being ready to be true as well. Will it help...I'm not sure. I think studio support is the biggest thing needed.
You were completely wrong the other day It was not semantics it was a large error on your part again where you said by the end of the year and then told me to produce a current link to a price you can reread it if you like.

However about the posting in the HD DVD area You are right and I'm sorry. I came to this thread from the E-newsletter thingy. I will stop posting in this section completely as it was inadvertent in the first place(with title heading it should have been put in a general area) . I do believe you should have your own space to agree with each other, I have no problem with that but please try to stick to the facts.
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