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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

That's alright man, I believe you. Unlike Sony and the rest of the arrogant members of the BDA, Toshiba wouldn't release or approve something that did not work with their current hardware.

Don't let these guys get to you. There's a reason is coming apart from the inside right now. Arguing with moderators, constant bickering, and hell they even lost an insider due to all of it.

A quote from one of their insiders who said it best.

Originally Posted by Penton-Man
My feelings are that even if somebody is *correct* about a topic and in their personal agenda to prove themselves *correct*…… they can easily run the risk of becoming very, very annoying, if they don’t know when to let it go.
Just think, this started as an argument about compression... It's comical, if you need a laugh for the day you should go read it.
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