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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Ah, these walks down memory lane (or is it 'Ouch?). My dad was a Navy musician in DC and I inherited, first in my early teens and then during college, a pair of Electrovoice rosewood-enclosed speakers (not sure the model, but they were 4-way, with a 12" woofer) and then a pair of AR2ax's. The ARs were the best-sounding stand-alones I'd heard for more than a decade--great bass response, crisp and clear highs--and my first speaker purchase was AR3s. As someone mentioned, the AR turntable was simple pleasure, and is waiting for rebirth in my album closet. The first amp I purchased was a JVC quad-surround that got me kicked out of my apartment with the 4 ARs in use. Deep inhale. Thanks for promptiing the memories.

By the way, a friend (in Maryland) had a pair of Baby Advents. We created a subwoofer out of one of my Dad's Electrovoices and blew some minds. Great sound and great fun.

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