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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
This is SO OVER DUE.

If I had the time to figure out how to make my HR21's work - I would try to learn this next.

Abandoning TiVo was a HUGE mistake for DirecTV.... The learning curve is too steep with the new machines - even if they were "free"
I also miss the TiVo with DirecTV. I had a TiVo box that I bought outright that had a modem failure after about a year of use. Instead of repairing the bad modem and sending it back, they kept it, and replaced it with a DirecTV DVR (HR21 I think it was) stuck me in a new contract and started billing me for leased equipment. Needless to say I was upset. They then also refused to sell me any more DVRs or replace (even with me offering to buy) my 5+ year old receivers. They also said that 4 receivers (1 DVR and 3 receivers) were all they could "wire-up" in my home. After a long fight with them, I ended up stripping my home of all their junk and changing over to Dish Network. I had DirecTV almost since they started, so it was not like this was an easy decision. In about 5 hours of install time, Dish Network put in 3 HD Receivers, and 3 HD DVRs all running off of one dish. So now I have HD capability throughout the house instead of just in the movie room.
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