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Default Re: Receiver advice-Yamaha or Onkyo

Originally Posted by cptpike View Post
Just to throw my 2 cents in. I recently went through an AVR upgrade. I was replacing my old Onkyo txds777b. I loved this unit but with new decoding processes it was time to upgrade. I'd been planning on a Denon for sometime. I ended up with the 2808ci. I got it home and ran the audyssey eq setup with the mic on a tripod and 7 listening positions. Checked the levels with an SPL meter. Ran test source material and watched / listened to several movies. I came to the conclusion that I really didn't like the Denon "sound". It seemed a bit hollow and unnatural IMO. So, I took the receiver back and ended up with a Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH. I never pictured myself buying an elite, not that there's anything wrong with the brand, It just wasn't on my radar of possibilities. So to make a long story short, I'm very pleased with the purchase. The sound quality suits me well and the fit and finish of the receiver is outstanding.

I know you've made your decision but, I wanted to through out some other ideas for those who are viewing this thread looking for advice on a new AVR.
Congratulations on your new purchase.

I still have 3 pioneer receivers. Only two are still in use (VSX-45TX and VSX-D2S). They all have a good sound and I never had any build problems with any of them. I also like how all the Pioneer equipment integrates really well with each other. You can hard wire multiple pioneer components together using the control jacks. The only peculiarities I have noticed with the VSX-45TX is that sometimes if we have power outages, the unit will literally need to be unplugged and let sit for a few minutes before plugging it back in, in order to get it to power back up. Also when power goes out, the unit defaults back to speakers in A mode as opposed to another set-up. I was using the VSX-45TX as a music through the house receiver with it set in A + B mode when I learned this.

I just have preferred the sound, user interface, and remote control of the yamaha over the pioneer. I also like how yamaha has the front effects channels. They really make a difference in the sound field if you are able to use them. Also, my experience has been that all the yamahas I have seen have sleep timers which is very important if you are using it in a bedroom setup.
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