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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

The Home Theater Dealer where I buy most of my equipment claim they have compared a $2000 Blu-ray player against the Classé CDT-300 - UNIVERSAL DISC TRANSPORT and the Classé DVD player won hands down. They are all very knowledgeable sales people who have been in the business for years. They sell some of the best and most expensive equipment on the market. So I am not about to quickly dismiss their claims (I have not bothered to make the comparison myself because the CDT-300 is a little out of my price range).

Maybe the movies they compared were among those that were poorly mastered. I cannot say. However, it is not all about resolution. I own a professional Digital Camera ... it does not have the highest resolution of those on the market, but in other areas it out performs the higher resolution cameras. You have to look at color accuracy, shadow detail, etc, etc.
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