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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Can you prove this? No. Quit generalizing people into a group it makes you look like a fanatic with an agenda vs acting reasonably. TL51 does exist and you know damn well that HD-DVD announcements at CES were cancelled.
I do have an agenda. It's the agenda of rational thinking.

Pro-HD DVD sentiments don't change the way that products are demonstrated to exist.

The only fanatic here is you with your constant proporting of unsubstantiated rumor of TL51GB production which you never, EVER back-up with any documented confirmation.

The onus is not on me to prove that it doesn't exist. I don't need to prove anything because I'm not the one claiming that something exists that has not been demonstrated. The onus is on you to prove that IT DOES exist. HD DVD announcements at CES were canceled but that hardly proves that TL51GB is production ready or that the announcements were even going to mention it.

Show us the documentation that proves that TL51GB is repliaction-ready?

If you provide the proper confirmation then I'll gladly concede that 51GB HD DVD is ready for production. A quick hint: telling me to contact Bill Gates isn't confirmation.

We're waiting...
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