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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Good Morning,
My first post and glad to be here.
The classic I had a recent urge for were Baby Advents. So I found a pair in near perfect condition for $30. However, I think it might be adventageous to upgrade the woofers to rubber surround, given how foam wears out, although the surrounds are fine at the moment. Does anyone have any advice regarding which after market distributer might have a pair that will easily substitute without cross-over changes?
I was also considering upgrading the tweeters but upon paralleling a pair of Def. Tech 100s, the high end extended nice and cleanly (making the titanium tweeters sound like super-tweeters in comparison to the Baby Advents) as well as opening up the midrange with the fast little woofer. The only issue I had then was time alightment with the Def. Techs on the top and they went back and back until midrange smearing cleared and the highs fit better.
Also, I recently got hold of a near perfect Denon electronic Q61F turntable to which I added a Grado Silver I had on hand. This is a very clean sounding, perhaps a little to analytical, player (which the Grado warms up), but its timing is great for piano and violin, although most everything sounds good and the background is very quiet. Good ole Crag's list for both turntable and speakers.
The Classic I sold and wish I hadn't was a Yamaha 2000 turntable, although setting it up was interesting since it came with A Win strain gage and preamp.

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