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Default Re: Harvey's Closes Flagship Manhattan Location

Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
I have mixed emotions on the news. Part of me still has fond memories of going with my dad to the Harvey's in Paramus back in the mid 80's where I got my first stereo system (a Yamaha receiver and a Denon CD player.) That said, the only guys in the Manhattan store I dealt with were jerks. When I was researching front projectors 3 or so years ago I specifically mentioned that I was looking for something affordable. The salespersons first recommendation was a $10k plus unit (Sharp 10k perhaps?) My response was by saying doesn't that unit cost about the same as its model number? I said I was looking for something affordable. He then suggested that he might still have one of the previous models (8k?) available for a couple grand less. I rolled my eyes at him and moved on. I know that they couldn't pay the rent selling $1500 LCD units, but their elitist attitude was really over the top.

I have been in A/V stores where I got the "attitude" from the sales guys but I have always been treated with nothing but respect in that Harvey's store. I go in a few times a year, hardly enough for them to know me, and they have been very pleasant and helpful. They are in the mid to high-end home theater business. Why be mad at them for not stocking the lower end stuff?
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