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Default Re: Harvey's Closes Flagship Manhattan Location

Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
I have mixed emotions on the news. Part of me still has fond memories of going with my dad to the Harvey's in Paramus back in the mid 80's where I got my first stereo system (a Yamaha receiver and a Denon CD player.) That said, the only guys in the Manhattan store I dealt with were jerks. When I was researching front projectors 3 or so years ago I specifically mentioned that I was looking for something affordable. The salespersons first recommendation was a $10k plus unit (Sharp 10k perhaps?) My response was by saying doesn't that unit cost about the same as its model number? I said I was looking for something affordable. He then suggested that he might still have one of the previous models (8k?) available for a couple grand less. I rolled my eyes at him and moved on. I know that they couldn't pay the rent selling $1500 LCD units, but their elitist attitude was really over the top.
This is disgusting. I wish more customers would let the ownership of stores know about this behavior. Bad salesmen who don't want to "waste" their time with clients willing to spend any money is just bad. If that sales person talked to one just like you the same way every week and scared away customers that is thousands of dollars of profit not just scared off but ticked off.

Good salesmen know that helping you and treating you like the $10K spender means more money for them in the long run. Being a salesman at a High End store is a longterm investment opportunity for sales people.
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