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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Not really man, I don't see how Sony has any control in the affairs of EA or Valve. Correct me if i'm wrong, but both companies are completely independant of Sony, right? If that's the case, then no, Sony bears no responsibility in this situation. It's entirely up to the developer to create a finished product, and then deliver that product to their contractor.

I honestly don't see why this is a hard concept to grasp...or agree with. I mean...would you give unfinished or poorly created work to your boss, just because the company that hired you to do it was getting anxious? Well, that's not fair, because I don't know what you'd do. my position, I'd personally take heat for needing more time, than giving something with my name on it that's unfinished or done in a poor manner. It would get me fired, or even worse, tarnish my name/ability.

Sony may have put pressure on Valve/EA, but as a developer, and a studio that designs 'great' titles for their constituency, they turned a deaf ear to PS3 owners, imo. And, as such, they won't get a dime of support from me.

Hehe, and on a more amusing note...I just can't really see how Sony would 'force' Valve/EA to produce...did they hire some hit men to 'take care' of some Valve family members? LoL. Point being is...if Valve/EA caved...that was their decision, you know? It's their proprietary software title, not Sony's...right? So, if Sony produced X sum of money for it....Valve accepting said money, is Valve's responsibility, and poor judgement... Rather, they should've said while the offer is tempting, we still feel our product is not complete to our specifications and therefore, we cannot give it to you now etc etc etc...


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