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Default Re: Revel Ships Ultima Salon2 Loudpeakers

I have not seen or heard these speakers in person, but they have some large shoes to fill as replacements to the original Salon. One area where I think they are a complete disappointment is their industrial design. The original salons may not have rated high on the WAF scale, but they were truly innovative and unique in appearance. They appeared on magazine covers showing off their fresh look. This new Ultima Series looks like so many other speakers, lacking a distinguishing industrial design, it could be any brand. This is especially surprising considering that Harman spends a notable amount of attention to the industrial design of their Infinity and JBL lines, but Revel seems to lack a similar amount of attention. Perhaps Revel remains a poor stepchild of this large organization, not achieving its due import since it is a relatively small line. Needless to say, it is a self fulfilling prophecy. This new Ultima line looks like it was designed by a Chinese cabinet maker--most likely their souce. I am sure that with Kevin Voecks and Mark Glazer involved, they are bound to sound much better than they look. It is a shame that the creative and fresh apporach to the design of the original series was not re-tooled and directed towards a more lofty goal. There is no carry forward of any design element from the past. Would any world class, recognizeable brand do so. Not likely.
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