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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Thank you.

Brought home 2 black 100s and a rosenut CC-690. The reason for the color differences is that I wanted the 100s in rosenut but the dealer didn't have the 100s in stock in rosenut. He did have the center in rosenut however. As with most stores that have to special order anything they won't take the special ordered item back once it's been opened. I wanted to have the ability to bring them back if I was not happy for any reason so I worked it out with the dealer to bring home the black 100s he had in stock and the rosenut center he also had in stock. The dealer is allowing me to test run these to make sure I'm happy and if I am he'll order the 100s in rosenut for me. He's also allowing me to use the black ones until mine come in. If I end up not being happy for any reason however I will be charged a restocking fee because they have to now sell the black 100s as open items. I will not be charged the restocking fee if I am happy and have the rosenut 100s ordered. This is a pretty good dealer I'm working with. When I listened to the B&W 703s at a different dealer, that dealer told me he wasn't so sure he could let me take a pair home then bring them back but did offer me a nice discount on a pair of floor models.

I was using BOSE 201 model speakers as surrounds with my Cerwin Vega fronts and Intimus 10" front firing sub. My center channel was a small (compared to the CC-690) Cerwin Vega as well. The BOSE 201s functioned perfectly in that capacity so since I just recently purchased a Yamaha RX-V3800 and now purchased the Studio set up I thought to save a few bucks I'd keep the sub and surrounds for now and upgrade at a later time. After paying off my recent purchases most likely. If I can wait that long that is.
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