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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST


Congrats on your Paradigms! What surround speaker are you using with your setup?

My Paradigm dealer offered me the same discount as you got before the price increase as well. The Definitive Tech dealer offered me a much better discount, but then again the Mythos ST's are $2000 each and I was wanting the same setup that kennyt reviewed where he had a pair of ST's as his mains and a pair of ST's as surrounds. I was salivating over that arrangement.

I almost ordered the Paradigms yesterday, but hit a roadblock when I was wondering about getting the ADP590s as surrounds or getting another pair of the 100 v4's as surrounds. The 590's are fairly small speakers and are expensive. I could get another pair of 100's for $1000 more. So I hesitated and read posts by Paradigm owners who had the surrounds and others who had the 100's as surrounds.

What color did you go with? Jimmy
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