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Angry Re: Why do people dislike Firmware updates??

Here it is, if firmware updates work all like J.J. said, then it would be great for everybody. And yes, maybe it is going to be a firmware world. But, and this is a big but, it needs to improve a lot, and faster.
I refuse to accept, that because I`m an audiophile/videophile, I should expect and accept it. No, to wait a half hour to get an update to JUST watch a movie is insane. Example, your kids call you to get a movie, you get it, wife is cooking up treats, snacks, and appettizers. Plus, a couple of your boys are at your house, you don`t know, wifee hooked it. You get home, turn out the lights, set the volume, put in your Blu-Ray disc, your screen says, firmware update needed!!!

I`m sorry, that is unacceptable. That is real world. Things need to get right quickly. While you guys are talking about the pending demise of HD DVD, Blu-Ray has much work to do.
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