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Default Re: New Toshiba A35 HD DVD Player

The 3rd generation Toshiba A35 HD DVD has a few more surprises! Toshiba says the A35 has superior video processing than the previous A30 & A20 models. They have taken the successful Silcon Optix HQV from the well known XA2 and dropped it in the HD-A35.

The A35 does have true "bitstream" for the DD, DD+, DTHD, DTHD MA, DTS and DTS-HD as well as PCM out. Since there are not many DVD's on the US market place, as yet, with DDTH MA, it only serves to "future-proof" your system.

I have heard complaints about the player not having an extensive set of output features, but if you are using or migrating toward HDMI, then you do not need these anyway, that is the reasoning behind the manufacturing of system as is.

An excellent HD-DVD player for the new low prices!

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