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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST

Hello again guys.

I listened to both the Mythos ST system and the Studio 100 system and I ended up choosing the Paradigms. I mean in the past 3-4 weeks I've listened to B&W and KEF as well as the Definitive Technologies and Paradigms (Studio 100s & Signature S8s). I made out pretty well on the Studios, got 20% off the MSRP before the price increase and also got 24 months no interest on Studio 100s and the CC690. In no way do I feel I'm missing out on anything by passing on the Mythos STs or any of the others. I felt that the Studios had everything. The looks, the performance and were priced right. I wish they looked a little more like the S8s as far as having Laminate instead of real wood veneer but for the price I simply cannot complain.

Got the Studios home last night and I'm just running them in before really doing any serious listening as the manual suggests. So far from what I hear out of them my mind has not changed at all. Certainly an improvement over my 13 year old Cerwin Vega AT12s. They look as impressive as they sound too. Standing tall and proud on either side of my T.V. I highly doubt I'm going to find any reason to be disappointed in them, I've got ten days to decide if I want to keep them or return them to the store.

So far I could not be happier. I was almost going to make the leap to the S8s but after back to back listening I felt that the sound of the S8s was not impressive enough over the Studios for me to justify spending that much more money. I know the S8s are better but not enough for me to make the commitment.

I did think the Mythos STs were slightly more clear sounding than the Studios but then again I heard each of them in different stores and being run by different amps so that all has an effect. I personally liked the look of the Studios over the Mythos and liked the Studio center channel better as well.

I don't know if any of my ramblings will help your cause but I wish you luck in choosing something you'll be very happy with overall.
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