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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
And more consumers watch Blu-ray movies on that gaming machine than they do on stand-alones from either camp. So it's obviously a sword that cuts both ways. Suggesting that it's a significant contributor to the BD-movie-playback consumer experience isn't saying that it's a "BD Player only": it's just stating a fact.
Where do you come up with this stuff? If that was true which I don't believe it is since it goes against just about everything I've read including Sony statements then why would Warner choose BD? It goes against their statements about the unit. You love to lable people as FUD spinners and then you post this obviously unconfirmable statement.

Also, sales for HDM software are ahead of DVD software sales at this point in DVDs life cycle. That's a good thing for HDM. Once the format war is laid to rest in the market (ie, Brick and Mortor stores) sales will see some profound growth.
Again where are you getting this? Point a link to number comparisons. Enlighten us! Don't however point to one title like "300," and expect us to believe that one title proves what the other 400 are doing. The numbers I've seen especially lately don't point to that at all. Why? Because HD-DVD software sales are DEAD and BD sales didn't improve much from the "Death of HD-DVD Software Sales," and your arguement seriously lacks merit.

The only thing that will springboard either HDM sales is "Security in the Format," and because of people saying DLC will win, etc. they're worried about making a purchase.

Same with hardware. *** TOSHIBA *** lost money on their hardware because they owned royalities in HD DVD that would recoup the costs and they were willing to try to establish an HD DVD market no matter what they lost in the gamble. That's not true of many other manufacturers, and if Panasonic, Pioneer, and Denon had released HD DVD players, they'd have cost much more than Toshiba's players.
Toshiba lost money? Care to post a link to that? Toshiba may be losing money on the A35 but that's it. Are they making as much money as before? No.

Again, it's not a format difference: it's a company difference.
It's a FORMAT difference. I know the cost of the current BD Laser Array and it's much more expensive than the HD-DVD tech. Bottom line is that HD-DVD can reach lower price points than BD.

BD player prices will continue to fall. There will be 2.0 profile players Christmas of 2008 for $299. Wait and see.
So Panasonic who is hinting their BD 2.0 player may be as much as $800 is pricing with the thought that the unit will be 50% less in December? I don't think so. You're going to see two tiered pricing with 1.1 units around $400 and 2.0 around $600. With the 1.1 units getting around $250 with holiday sales.
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