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Default Re: Definitive Technology Mythos ST


Ok, I've auditioned the Mythos ST system for the third time. For me it's a tossup between the Paradigm Studio Reference system you reviewed a few months ago and the Mythos ST system you're currently reviewing.

For the Mythos ST system, I would have a pair of the ST's as surrounds as well as mains. For the Paradigm system, I don't know if I would do another pair of 100 v4's (but I love the idea!).

Where I feel the Paradigm system is slightly better is the center channel speaker, the CC690 vs the Mythos Ten. It's hard to explain but there seems to be tad more weight, depth, bass, nice midrange. The Mythos had those qualities as well as being very clear, precise, neutral, dynamic, but maybe it's tonally not quite as natural sounding as the CC690.

My use for my HT system would be between 80-90% home theater. I like the height and powered subs of the Mythos ST's for surrounds, but everytime I read you Paradigm review which is more geared for home theater, I salivate a lot more.

I was going to order Paradigm yesterday, but then I got into this roadblock of either having the ADP590's or another pair of 100 v4's as the surround speakers. The dealer was not that helpful and was steering me towards another pair of 100 v4's (I got the impression he had $ signs in his thoughts as we talked, I don't know).

You've had both systems, for strictly home theater would you agree the Paradigms would not be a mistake? Also, what are your thoughts with the ADP590 vs the 100 v4's as surrounds. The 590's are quite expensive and small compared with the cc690 and 100s and with the modest discount the dealer is giving me, I could get another pair of the 100 v4's for an additional grand.

I value your advice and I really like your reviews. You make people like me want to audition speakers and equipment they wouldn't necessarily consider. well done.

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