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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by BDP View Post
I hesitantly agree with you but after the WB swap it's hard not to rule anything out at this point.

As of lately a lot of posts mentioning Universal and Paramount are getting deleted and our favorite Bluray poster boy Bill Hunt is dodging questions about it.

I can see where one like David would come up with his (Bill the Schill) silence as being a good thing but there are always two sides to a coin.
I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard Bill Hunt was no longer accepting HD DVD advertising on his website. Here we have the HD DVD side advertising on the SUPER BOWL & AMERICAL IDOL… and he’s proclaiming that he won’t allow them to advertise on his Google Adwords filled webpage. Ha! Priceless…

But anyway…

For a week after the WB announcement, the HD DVD side went silent while they gauged retail & studio support (this has been widely reported on). A week later, they emerge with aggressive new pricing and a new marketing campaign. Something happened during that week that convinced Toshiba to keep investing millions into HD DVD.

The HD DVD side must know they can’t compete with the minimal release schedule they currently have. The fact that they are going forward and spending millions of dollars suggests to me that they have an answer for this. Therefore, I fully expect the HD DVD side to announce additional studio support and/or a massive catalog release schedule from Universal, Paramount and DreamWorks. I expect we’ll hear something in the very near future too.

If I’m wrong and they don’t have a solution for their paltry release schedule, then yes, the HD DVD side is in big trouble, no matter how low hardware prices are. On the other hand: low hardware prices + a ton of great movie releases could be the recipe for success.

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