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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Originally Posted by kkozma View Post
You can't honestly believe that do you, unless you mean some no-name branded hunk of crap? The BDP-S300 STILL hasn't hit that price and it's an obsolete, slow POS, that's been on the market for nearly a year. If they can't hit or are unwilling to hit that price point with an obsolete piece of hardware thats been on sale for a year, what on gods green earth makes you think that they will with a piece of hardware that hasn't even hit the market yet?
I'm guessing he's basing it off the CES press release by Funai. This is funny though because most, "not all", bluray owners bash "cheap" players when it's HD DVD related. However being a "cheap" bluray player the supporters love it.

So come the end of the year Blu ray players will be cheaper but still not cheaper then a $149 A30 player which you can get today.
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