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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...


no one is saying that low-cost HD DVD hardware hasn't helped kick-start the price-fall for HDM hardware on both sides. That's one of the (few) positives to have come out of a "war". And moviing forward BD hardware prices will continue to fall just like DVD player prices fell even without another 5" disc format to compete with.

Moose, the PS3 is a Gaming Console. Quit trying to convince the entire world that it's a BD Player only. Watch the commercial and then complain to them. Also it's no different than people posting pie charts showing BD winning when their players were being given away for free or pointing to pie charts where BD software is outselling HD-DVD but not showing the numbers that show just how poorly they're both doing in software sales.
And more consumers watch Blu-ray movies on that gaming machine than they do on stand-alones from either camp. So it's obviously a sword that cuts both ways. Suggesting that it's a significant contributor to the BD-movie-playback consumer experience isn't saying that it's a "BD Player only": it's just stating a fact.

Also, sales for HDM software are ahead of DVD software sales at this point in DVDs life cycle. That's a good thing for HDM. Once the format war is laid to rest in the market (ie, Brick and Mortor stores) sales will see some profound growth.

If hddvd keels over tomorrow my prediction is HDM growth over the next year will slow compared to the growth of dvd over high prices. I also predict the cheapest 1.1 compliant player next Xmas goes for $399.
Fox has always overpriced their software. Warner has always priced it as low as possible. That's true on DVD and it will be true on HDM... regardless of format.

Did you ever stop to consider how much HD DVD software would cost if Disney and Fox released HD DVDs? Yep... they'd charge the same high prices that they charge for BD software. Those are STUDIO decisions, not format decisions.

Same with hardware. *** TOSHIBA *** lost money on their hardware because they owned royalities in HD DVD that would recoup the costs and they were willing to try to establish an HD DVD market no matter what they lost in the gamble. That's not true of many other manufacturers, and if Panasonic, Pioneer, and Denon had released HD DVD players, they'd have cost much more than Toshiba's players.

Again, it's not a format difference: it's a company difference.

BD player prices will continue to fall. There will be 2.0 profile players Christmas of 2008 for $299. Wait and see.

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