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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Another thing we know that the format war has caused growth in the HDM market above that of DVD during the same time period in it's infancy. Think about it, DVD was applicable to 100% of the market compared to 33% like HDM and HDM is ahead of the power curve.

Do you think without hddvd bluray players would have got anywhere near $300. It wouldn't have happened. The first sub $1000 player we saw was the Sony BDP-S300 at $599 and then dropped to $499 shortly after launch to compete with hddvd. Now obsolete and discontinued the Sony and Samsung players are back up to $399.

Funny now that Bluray has Warner the 5 free disc deal is gone. Why did it start? To compete with the 5 free movie deal from hddvd.

Say goodbye to the BOGO that the BDA used to outsell hddvd discs all last year.

If hddvd keels over tomorrow my prediction is HDM growth over the next year will slow compared to the growth of dvd over high prices. I also predict the cheapest 1.1 compliant player next Xmas goes for $399.
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