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I listened to the Gotham today...................WOW!!!!

It was quite amazing! we watched a couple of chapters in Spiderman 3.
The Bass was tight, loud & was as much felt as it was heard, the most impressive thing is it blended seamlessly with the rest of the soundtrack.
The rest of the gear in the 7.1 system had a cost of less than 1/2 of what the Gotham did but it didn't overpower the rest of the sounds, you still heard the breaking glass the swoosh of the wind & all the little things, it wasn't just bass effects, you heard everything.
If you buy one of these monsters you better have a damn strong house, you crank this thing up for too long & you could do structural damage!

I'll probably never be able to afford a Gotham but it was nice to see what one could do.
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