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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Toshiba is going to sell EVERY ONE of their HD DVD players. No matter how low they need to price them. This is not a "comeback" of HD DVD. It's called clearance.

And why not buy one? For $100? For $50? At these prices it's a steal of a player just for the HDMI upscaling from SD DVD.

So you can be assured that we'll see some hardware sales of HD DVD. Of course. These are clearance, close-out sales with prices to match.

What will tell you whether or not these sales are actually gaining "HD DVD consumers" is by the software sales.

If they don't increase along with the player sales, you haven't earned a new HD DVD consumer: just a DVD consumer using his HD DVD player for upscaling... and maybe to play the one or two HD DVD discs that came along for the ride.

A lot of folks buying these players don't even know that they're HD DVD players... to many they're just Toshiba "HD" players at a good price... just like all the other "HD" upscaling players out there. Ever looked at the boxes of those upscaling players? They say "HD" and "high definition" all over them. Most consumers don't even know that there's a difference between that and HD DVD.

And it won't matter. Toshiba will sell out their hardware below cost (as they're doing now). A few irrational HD DVD zealots will suggest that this is a "big comeback" for the HD DVD format. No retailers will reorder stock, and no increase in HD DVD software sales will match the hardware blow-out sales figures, and then when Toshiba is ready Paramount and Universal will come out of the shadows and announce they are going blu.
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