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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

In my opinion only Universal will be the very last studio to jump on board. They could have ended this before it even started. They were the only studio not supporting bluray before the formats launched. They chose not too. Paramount and Dreamworks will be jumping on board sooner than Universal. They must really be ****ed from the lawsuits Sony filed against them in the 80's from the Betamax issues.

According to Bill Hunt the BDA doesn't find the VC1 hddvd encodes Universal had done acceptable and wants most of the films reencoded which will be very expensive if they are not allowed to do portovers. Apparently the BDA has never seen HOFD, Hitch, 50 1st Dates, Vertical Limit, XXX, Tears of the Sun, Invincible, Basic Instinct 2, etc.

I have watched these films in MPEG-2 and only Flyboys semi impressed me. I hate to blame the codec but but with Flyboys it was running at 24 mbps which is needed for MPEG-2 to look good. After reading the generally good transfer reviews of Vertical Limit I was amazed how much it looked like an upconverted dvd and how soft and undetailed the picture was.

With additional studio support the TL-51 and Twin format disc will become a reality. Toshiba consumer support has already confirmed 2nd gen players will require only a firmware upgrade to play TL-51's. Hopefully SL-17's and DL-34's hit the market as well.

If Ken Graffeo is fired worry! As long as he stays in charge they will give hddvd every last shot.

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