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Red face Re: Halcro SSP-200

Originally Posted by Asahikasei View Post
You do know that the halcro is based on the Vinci Labs Titan OEM SSP platform and is basically the same as a cheaper parasound C1.
About 2 years back when I bought the Halcro SSP-100, it was the only pre-amp processor that had HDMI much less 1080p pass-thru, 1080p up-convert, 7-channel balance input, 7-channel balanced output, etc.

Just because parasound managed to get the same Vinci Labs Titan OEM SSP platform does not mean it offers the same features and sounds the same. Board integration does play a part in a quality build.

Back when I bought the Halcro, I was definitely open to consider any other manufactures that could offer the same features, but at the time, there was none.

Even now, the closest thing to the Halcro that I heard of is Integra which still falls short.

If you know of any other pre-amp processors with the same features as the Halcro that sound as good or better, please let me know because I would be very interested in looking at them too.
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