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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
Sorry, I'm not calling your wife a liar, i'm just saying while it's the norm for you to accept her information, is not necessarily going to hold any weight until it can be backed by official confirmation, anywhere... I don't think that's really too much to ask, is it? Not to say either of you are lying, it's merely that so much rumor and misinformation flies around the interweb, that I'm finished with blindly accepting what people say. (It's haunted me in the past lol)
I think we should treat people on here like they aren't every other website. I like to think that all you guys are honest and have no agendas.

That having been said, my summation of the article I linked, was incorrect, all of today's press releases are indicating Crytek will be showcasing the CryEngine and Sandbox 2 engines on the consoles, not Crysis itself. So, my apologies for the minsinformation.
As far as I know Crysis isn't ready yet. They may have a playable level demo in time for the SXSW gaming convention in March. Most likely we see it around E3.

As for the last part, about the ports and such. I would honestly prefer, and my purchase choices will reflect this, games made for each console with separate developement teams. No ports. If that means the PS3 gets the game later, or the 360 gets the game later, so be it. But half-assed ports like Orange Box, I refuse to buy. I would rather not have the game, than have a poor representation of said game. It's that simple. So, whether it comes out for the PS3 or 360 or neither, or one, or the other etc... I just want the damn thing optimized for whichever system it's coming out on. Gaming and other entertainment companies need to be hit in their wallet when they put out a product like EA did for Valve. Both companies are responsible, not just EA.
That's just not financially feasable. In an ideal world what you want would be great but there just isn't a financial reason to do it. So we will continue to see games designed for the 360 or PS3 that are "ported," over to the other console. Sadly it appears we will be seeing more games designed for the PS3 and ported to the 360. It is easier to do it that way from what I've been told by people who would know. Though it isn't that sad when you consider that not many 360 to PS3 games really pushed the 360 or even took advantage of its advantages.

Orange Box wasn't a half assed port they worked their asses off and Sony pushed them to release a product that wasn't ready. Orange Box is a prime example of a game that was made to match the PC capabilities that just couldn't be ported well after being designed for the 360. It would have benefited from a ground up PS3 design. If they had done that it would have been better on the PS3 than its current state.
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