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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
And Lotus...even you have to be aware of Crytek's emphatic statements about Crysis not being able to perform on the PS3 or 360...granted this was early in Crysis' life cycle...but still, Crytek came out numerous times and stated the consoles couldn't do it, so to counter those statements with unconfirmed rumors from friends et really not believable without some backing from confirmed sources, you gave the same response to the article that I posted.
This site isn't a "gamer" site nor is it a "AVS" like site. No one here has an agenda. So why lie to you? Instead of believing that a person must be lying why not wait and see what happens? I was obviously far more aware of what was going on than some game rumor sites. It wasn't unconfirmed rumors either. It was my wife. If my wife tells me something is being done in the gaming world, it's being done.

I didn't give the same response either. The difference is common sense and what I was stating went in the polar opposite direction.

As for Crytek's comments that was to sell the PC launch. They talk about how future tech it all is and promote DX10. They've never ignored the console market before and they likely won't in the future nearly half their business is from consoles.

This is no different. Using reasoning and such, to determine what a game company is going to do...while it may make's not necessarily the truth until someone from the company confirms/denies it. Correct?
If a brand new company sure. However following the track record of a company it's generally considered that if someone reports that a company ISN'T following their normal protocols that you wait until the company confirms/denies it.

And as for the DX10 comment, believe me man, I'm looking as hard as I possibly can, and what I can see is that the X360 runs a custom version of DX9.0c, that allows 'some' DX10 class-functionality (such as stream-out), but is not actually DX10 compliant. If you've anything else to add, I'd honestly like to read up on it... This is where I got my info from though.
It's not fully compliant. It's DX10 CAPABLE. That is an entirely different thing. With an update attached to the disc the 360 will be able to recreate much more of the PC experience than the PS3 can. However Crytek may decide to limit both games to just what the PS3 is capable of like the mass majority of games designed for both consoles. Still it's hard to say Crytek likes to push tech so maybe we will finally get a 360 game that has a PS3 port that truly shows off the 360.
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