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Angry Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Among other reasons, this article (I know it's a bit old) is why I don't use Monster.

I'm tired of this monster stuff constantly being shoved down your throat when you buy components. It use to just be at big box stores, but now it has a found a way to trickle into smaller higher end stores.

I do believe that cables (speaker wire, interconnect and even power cords) do make a positive difference in your set-up, but it really should be the last thing you should be tweaking to try to get better sound. I know people that got so caught up in cables that they were spending more money on cables than the components they were connecting to when they really should have been buying better components.

I believe a better speaker, amp, display, or source component will bring you much better sound / video than than spending tons of money on upgrading cable. And, as previously said in this thread, altering room acoustics can also make a huge difference as well.
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