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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Yeah, looks like we'll see both versions at GDC in 2008.

And they probably won't look as good as the PC versions, but at least we'll see what the CryEngine 2 can do on each console.

And Lotus...even you have to be aware of Crytek's emphatic statements about Crysis not being able to perform on the PS3 or 360...granted this was early in Crysis' life cycle...but still, Crytek came out numerous times and stated the consoles couldn't do it, so to counter those statements with unconfirmed rumors from friends et really not believable without some backing from confirmed sources, you gave the same response to the article that I posted. This is no different. Using reasoning and such, to determine what a game company is going to do...while it may make's not necessarily the truth until someone from the company confirms/denies it. Correct?

And as for the DX10 comment, believe me man, I'm looking as hard as I possibly can, and what I can see is that the X360 runs a custom version of DX9.0c, that allows 'some' DX10 class-functionality (such as stream-out), but is not actually DX10 compliant. If you've anything else to add, I'd honestly like to read up on it... This is where I got my info from though.

So, according to that article, not only is the 360 not fully DX10 complient, it's not upgradeable either (Which makes sense...PC users need to upgrade their card, not download a patch). However, it shouldn't have any problems running DX9 (as Crysis doesn't NEED DX10 to function).


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