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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

["I like the analogy of 87 octane gas in a sports car. I got gas from a local no name gas station here in NJ. I got the premium gas since it was really cheap(compared to national outlets). It's the best gas that I've gotten for my car. My car shifts smoother, has faster acceleration and idles better. what does this mean? One doesn't always need to spend a lot of money for quality products"

Until most cable suppliers print the electrical information on their cables, such as inductance, resistance, and capacitance--how do you know thee quality of the wire? You don't. In most cases, expenses wires that sound different, sound different because they probably alter the signal--like maybe roll off the top end. A person may like that sound, but the job of all cables is to pass the signal as it receives it with no alteration. If you want the sound to change, use EQ or tone controls. Spending a lot of money on speaker wires and interconnects only benefits the supplier and the retailer--they make the greatest monetary return on these ancillary products.

The sound signals from the recording process to your speakers pass through thousands of feet of standard 99.9% Copper. I haven't the foggiest why people think the last 10 to 20 feet are the most critical?

There are much better places to spend your money to get better sound and better video. I realize that spending a good piece of cash to make your room acoustics excellent and a great match for your speakers may not strike most people as very sexy, but the result is infinitely "sexier". And if you can afford it have a pro or a service, where you send them your room specs give you advice on what and where your room likely needs help.

One can even take sound measurements in your room and ask the acoustic specialist whatever parameters he/she needs to give you accurate advice on your needs and where you need to put the acoustic treatments. Even a couple of hundred dollars can often make dramatic improvements. No wire can do that!

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