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Default Re: Wicked "Theme" based HTs

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I always though these looked cool, the Bat Cave one is awesome, but when you go to sell your house, that could scare a lot of potential buyer off I would think, especially the uber nerdy Star Trek ones (though they look really bad a$$)
Yes but it would attract Uber Nerdy Trekies.

The $3M trek theater there actually had Gene Roddenberry's wife come in to "record audio," for the system. She was the voice of the computers on the TV series, and is the voice of the HT in that house. It also has working touch screen displays based on the next generation TV show's computers.

That's a bit overboard.

The Bat Cave DOES look cool though. That is a much cooler themed HT than many of the others I've seen. I like HT themes but the original ones are best. The Nautilus was cool too.
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