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Default Re: Lexicon MC-12 and high end processors, you pay for the name.

First off, similarities in back plates are common, but the two you point two are significantly different. Building an I/O board isn't too tricky, you need connectors and to have them spaced out, so sometimes you will see the same one on different manufacturers gear. These two are somewhat similar, but different enough as to preclude them being the same at all.
There is more to that and if you would read throught the links posted with the pictures you will see that they do use the same titan OEM platform.

Power supplies, analog sections, case design and build, potentiometers, quality of resistors and caps, all add up to differences in sound.
The only thing the high end does (mac does this) is use 1% components but this does not make is sound better or worse. Plus the pictures prove the lexicon does not have a better power or pre amp section.

If you think the HK is the same and sounds the same to you as the RV-5, then buy it and leave it be, be happy you didn't spend the extra cash, but I disagree with you that it is 'the same'.
How can you say this when the lexicon forum member said they are the same?
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