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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Don't forget that Toshiba was the first studio to pay for exclusivity (ie, Disney wasn't paid for an exclusive contract, just given subsidies on BD replication for a while). And the reasons that both Disney and Fox supported BD had nothing to do with Sony: Disney wanted Java, 50GB, and region coding and Fox wanted BD+ security.
I am going to have to respectfully disagree here. I firmly believe more money has been spent in this format war on studios before the formats even launched that it is not even funny. Disney was inititally in the hddvd camp. They helped develop HDi and yes they did want the interactivity. They were asked at the IFA in Berlin in Sept. 07 if they took a payout to be Blu exclusive. Their reply was "no comment".

Look at how Toshiba tried to get both Warner and Paramount to go HD exclusive in Aug. 07. I am sure it was because that was when their contracts with the BDA ran out. Now is this a straight sum of cash or incentives such as Sony paying for BD-50 replication. Isn't it really the same thing.

We all know Sony and Phillips have made a mint on CD royalties. We know Toshiba has made a mint on dvd royalties. Why the format war. To me royalties is what it is all about. Why do you think Sony was initially so insisitant on using MPEG-2 instead on VC1 or AVC on most of the their titles. This included a few Warner releases, most Paramount blurays, Sony, Lionsgate, Fox, MGM, etc. They make money if the codec is used.

I firmly believe many of these companies were locked into contracts on both sides. Look at all the talk of Universal's contract with Toshiba ending this month so they could go bluray. I am not saying this is true concerning Universal. I am sure all the lawsuits filed by Sony in the 80's against Universal concerning Beta had far more to do with it. We know Warner had a contract with Toshiba through May 08. I am sure the bluray camp has the same stance concerning studios and contracts if not even more so.
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