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Default Re: Does Anyone Know NAD T775

Originally Posted by Harleyujoe View Post
I have been deciding between NAD T 775 and Marantz SR8002.
The Marantz has True HD and DTS and NAD did not.
I ordered Marantz but it is backordered.
I would still buy NAD T775 if I knew if NAD receiver circut
will be avalible soon for this receiver and what would be the cost.
I put a call in and went to NAD site and know response has been given.
If I knew I would go with NAD if this information and price was
reasonable...Thank You Joe
You're better off with the NAD in the long run.

It is 100% modular and was built so that upgrades could be done. What likely pushed this was the lack of Cirrus Chips available to provide nextgen audio codec decoding.

Nobody knows when Cirrus is going to get those chips out in a timely manner. So NAD wouldn't have an answer for you. NAD is more niche than D&M Holding (Denon and Marantz' ownership) so they're farther down the ladder for importance of receiving those chips.

I'm betting the upgrade will be inexpensive and available around March at the earliest.
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